Thursday, March 23, 2017

Public lambasted for lack of intervention during attack

So the media has decided to call out people who "did nothing" while one young lady was being attacked.

Things that were noticed about the article:

  • The headline features that a young woman was viciously bashed, but only mentioned that the attacker was also a women later in the report.  Had the attacker been male, that detail would have been in the headline;
  • The attack was noted to have possibly been racially motivated and, even though we can see that the attacker is clearly not Caucasian in the video, race is otherwise left out of the article;
  • The victim is either Asian or dark haired Caucasian, so it won't be declared a hate crime.

Here's what we know about the media: had people around the area intervened and taken the attacker down, the video would have been edited to show a bunch of men (because women don't usually intervene physically) taking down a woman of a racial minority.

You want to know why people don't want to intervene these days?  Because we all know that the media can't be trusted to show the whole truth and are more than happy to edit videos to progress their agenda.

Better to just stay out of the videos altogether.

Fake media - helping to dissuade people from helping others for years!

London attack, media hides motivation

Disgusting media is at it again, hiding the true motivations behind the attack by a Muslim man, attacking innocent Westerners just because he believed that they deserve it.

Notice they're quick to identify the man as "British born" and that it was a "lone wolf" attack?

Not ONCE do any of the following words appear in the article:
  • Jihad;
  • Muslim; and
  • Islam
They mention that the man was known to police and MI5 for his extremism.  What extremism might that be?  Was he an extremist My Little Pony follower?  Was he an extremist Star Wars fan?

One can't recognise a person for being an extremist without also identifying the concept to which they are extreme.  I might be called an extremist Capitalist, but if I were simply called and extremist, people these days are likely to assume that all extremism is religiously based.

I'm getting so sick of the media trying to hide all of these details and then wondering why things like Trump getting elected or Brexit happens.

Here's a little secret: because you're so far removed from the common person who is able to rationally identify the group who are overwhelmingly behind these attacks that they're also getting sick of the media pretending that there's nothing there.

That's the real danger here: the more the media tries to hide it, the more the public will seek out the truth from alternative sources, which carries the risk of being made up.  So if the media wants to get their credibility back, they'd better start reporting ALL of the facts, not just when the perpetrators is white and male.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Car & knife attack in London, media hiding major detail

So an attack has occurred in London by a Muslim-looking man who ran people over with a car, then followed up with a knife.

I linked to the above article directly because that's the ONLY article I've found that includes a photo that clearly shows the suspect of the attack.

Consider the following articles from:

What do all of those articles have in common?  They all hide any mention of the identity of the suspect.  Just in case the first link decides to take down the photo of the suspect, here it is:

Is there any doubt as to the background of the suspect?  I don't think so.

As usual, the media is going out of their way to hide that information until such time that it's "old news".

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Former female PM to head anti-suicide organisation

So the news has just come out that former Prime Minister Julia Gillard will be heading BeyondBlue, an organisation trying to help people with depression.

Why am I concerned about this?  Well, suicide is overwhelmingly a male issue.  In a country where one third (about 32%) of domestic violence victims are male, yet the focus is solely on the female victims, it would stand to reason that in an issue where about 80% of all suicides are by males, then the focus should be predominantly on helping men.

I'm not saying that she can't do the job, I just think that with her track record for:

  • Removing any penalties on women who make false accusations in family court to get an advantage in custody disputes;
  • Bringing into law the Violence Against Women and Children Act - assumes in any violent relationship that the man is the perpetrator;
  • Felt the need to give buckets of public AUSTRALIAN money to island nations to help the women there with their careers, but only committed a paltry sum (by comparison) to help with male suicide; and
  • Changed IVF laws to allow single women and lesbians access to government subsidized IVF (I've really only got an issue with allowing single women to use it, but that's a story for another day).

Given that the first two items above have probably done more to cause more male suicides than any Prime Minister in quite a long time, I just don't see her doing anything other than try to shine a light on those poor forgotten women who committed suicide.

Time will tell how she commits her time, but I honestly think that this narcissistic person will hijack the organisation and make it, yet again, about the poor women.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Media asks if being anti-vaccinations should be illegal

So the media is asking if being an 'anti-vaxxer' should be illegal.

I think the bigger question is why are we supposed to listen to an organisation (the Media) that is owned by 'big pharma'?

Notice that the Media (big pharma) isn't directly calling for being anti-vaxxers to be declared criminals, they simply ask the question and lay out some fairly basic information (not all of it, mind you) and hopes that people jump to attention.

I mean, it's not like vaccinations have ever been withdrawn from use due to bad side effects like it was in Japan in 1989-91 or Britain in 2009.

I mean, it's not like the manufacturers of these vaccinations and the doctors who administer them are completely immune from Civil lawsuits if the vaccinations kill or permanently disable someone. Oh wait, thay are.

For the record, I am pro-vaccination, but I very much like the media programming whereby they attempt to label people who may have legitimate concerns over the industry as kooks.  We should all have a right to be able to question something without being labeled undesirable.

It would be a different story if, like most other professions, the company that provides the vaccination were legally liable for the outcome.  Perhaps then they'd have a bit better incentive to have a zero harm vaccine.  Either that, or they'd just jack up the prices of their already expensive vaccines (which the government is happily making mandatory for all children) to cover the cost.

Do vaccinations have a place?  Yes.  Should it be that a child by the age of 18 has 69 does of 16 different vaccinations?  Sounds like a lot when I put it that way, doesn't it.

Another car jacking by the usual suspects

So a couple of dark skinned men have cut a man with their machete before stealing his car.

The man has now moved his family out of the suburb and into hiding in a different suburb.

As usual, the media keeps back the racial identity of the perpetrators until the 7th paragraph, despite the photos clearly showing dark skinned men.

Australia is fast turning into South Africa, where carjackings are very frequent.  If only there were a group of people we could simply deport the first time they commit these kind of offenses...

I know, what about violent immigrants who don't follow the law and assault people!  We wouldn't have to separate out a group based on their skin colour, we'd judge them on their actions alone and we'd also be keeping our own citizens safe and making our country a safer place for it.

Nah, some leftist morons might consider a equal opportunity policy (commit a violent crime if you're an immigrant and get deported) to be racist, despite the same policy potentially be used against white immigrants.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Someone poisoned David Lawrence, media hides who

So there are two different reports about the death of David Lawrence here and here.

One of them only mentions that his "partner" or someone close to him might have killed him.

The second one mentions that the home of his FEMALE partner at the time has since been raided.

As usual, the media plays down or covers up when WOMEN kill or assault men, preferring only to report on cases when men kill or assault women.

This is one of the reasons why I WILL NOT PAY FOR any subscriptions claiming to be 'news', when clearly they filter out details or rearrange facts to suit their agenda.

It's disgusting and it doesn't look like it's going to change any time soon.